Massage Therapist Accused of Inappropriate Touching

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HuffPostA massage therapist in Cascade Township, Mich., may not have a happy ending after being accused of inappropriately touching one of his clients during a massage.Lawrence Urban, 49, is facing criminal sexual conduct charges for a massage he performed on a female customer on March 15, according to WOOD-TV.The massage apparently rubbed the accuser the wrong way. She reported Urban to the Kent County Sheriff’s Department and said he touched her inappropriately during her session, reported.

“During the massage, Lawrence admits to … asking her if she wanted to orgasm,” Russo said in court. “After the victim (stated) ‘no,’ Lawrence told the victim that ‘your body is telling me one thing, but you are telling me another.’”


First of all, this guy is the real victim here. He is a professional, and the woman’s body was clearly telling him to touch it all over. But seriously, the woman should have seen this guy and reconsidered the massage altogether.  This guy’s face is screaming, “I am going to touch you were I want, and will do so with half of my head shaved.”

Which leads to the second point.  Ladies if this dude walked out from behind the door and said, “My name is Larry and I will be your massage therapist today.”, would you stick around?  I doubt it.  He looks like Charles Manson with cancer.  I wouldn’t let this creeper touch any chick I knew.  Shit, I wouldn’t even let him pet my dog.  Hope he enjoys giving orgasms to Bubba and Peaches when they send him to the slammer. Ugh.

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