Massachussetts Brewery Makes Beer Cans With “Is Joe Flacco Elite” Written On The Bottom

Sports and Bets — May 11, 2017 at 10:45 pm by



ESPN– “In keeping up with one of the top rivalries in the NFL, a Massachusetts brewery playfully sent a couple of beers to the Baltimore Ravens‘ facility this week.

The cans are among the 12,000 that contain a special question on the bottom: “Is Joe Flacco elite?” It comes courtesy of Tree House Brewing Co., which proudly says that all employees are New England Patriots fans.

Andrew Pillsbury, a packaging line operator for the brewery, came up with the idea to put those four words around the date the beer was brewed. Flacco’s eliteness has been an ongoing conversation in the football world and has taken on a life of its ow,n in recent years.”


Is Joe Flacco elite? The age old question continues to live on. The good people (just kidding, probably total assholes) at Tree House Brewing Company decided to take matters into their own hands, and ask the drinkers of their beer if the Ravens quarterback is among the nation’s elite. Seeing that their drinkers are likely all Patriots’ fans, I’m sure they answered a unanimous “no,” but also in the back of their head know that Joe Flacco’s Ravens are the only bunch that has ever consistently figured the Patriots out.


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