Maryland Woman Takes Kids To Sonic, Finds Bag Of Weed In Fries

News — July 8, 2014 at 5:05 pm by

A woman in Frederick County, Maryland took her kids for an innocent trip to Sonic to get some chicken tenders, and found a little extra treat in with her kids’ meals. Carla McFarland pulled out a box of fries, which contained a small bag of weed in it.

One female employee has since confessed the bag was hers, and claimed it must have fallen from her apron. The unnamed employee was fired.

It’s unclear what happened to the weed, which leads me to wonder if Ms. McFarland smoked it right on the spot in her car. Maybe she rolled up the windows to get a little clam-bake going for her kids. Or maybe she flipped the weed for a little profit. No matter what she did with it, she got a great value for the price she paid, and shouldn’t really be complaining.


via inquisitr

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