Maryland Woman Putting Up A Fight For The Right To Go Topless In OCMD

News — October 28, 2016 at 11:57 am by



A supporter from the Eastern Shore of the “topfreedom” movement, Chelsea Covington, has called for the Worcester County State’s Attorney to look into the laws regarding women going topless on the beaches of Ocean City. The mayor of Ocean City Richard Meehan is waiting on an opinion from the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, which is expected within three to nine months.



Looks like we’ve got a chance for titties out on the beach in Ocean City! I can see it now, topless women tanning, rubbing sunscreen on each others bodies, laughing, drinking, running up and down the beach, and splashing in the waves topless, all while the boys line up starring at the amazing site to see.

Orrrrr, it’ll be one to two women over the age of 70 flaunting their saggy tits making us all want to go back inside.

Second scenario wins, most likely.



via WTOP

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