Maryland Woman Arrested After Having A Ball Throwing Bricks At Her Father-In-Law’s Windows

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You know what they say, never regret anything that made you smile. And with the goofy ass grin she’s sporting, it seems to me like it was all worth it. Some people take passive aggressive jabs at their in-laws, but Michelle Waro launches bricks at their fucking windows. Unfortunately for Waro, refusing to pass the salt at the dinner table is not a criminal offense, while property destruction is. Waro, 43, of Lexington Park busted nine house windows and the windows of two pickup trucks, totaling $8,000 in damage at her father-in-law’s Leonardtown home. She’s been charged with three counts of reckless endangerment and two counts of property destruction over $1,000. When police arrived on the scene, Waro was laughing and said, “Take me away because of this.” She also said, “This was fun, and they are a bunch of bitches.”


Forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest. And I bet throwing bricks at windows is an absolute blast. It’s gotta be like tossing water balloons times 100. Really has to get the blood pumping, especially when you scream this before every throw…

via Southern Maryland News Net 

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