Maryland Senate “Lighting Up” New Weed Bill

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A Maryland Senate committee voted 8-3 Friday to approve a measure decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, sending it to the full chamber next week. The bill would replace criminal penalties for possession of up to 10 grams of the drug with a $100 civil fine that would be handled much like a parking ticket.—Baltimore Sun


“Michael Phelps could Become Maryland’s Poster boy for legalizing Weed”

Other states are starting to legalize smoking the Mary Jane for recreational use. The first step in that direction is “decriminalizing” it .  Maryland is about to make that jump. It’s one small step for mankind, and one huge leap for pot smokers everywhere across the Old Line State. What I don’t get about decriminalization though is that the government is basically saying it’s legal, but if they catch you, you owe them $100. Maybe I’m mistaken here, but I feel like if you were to drive through Baltimore City on, let’s say, any given Wednesday, and you took $100 from everyone smoking a little grass, you would probably grab enough cash in one day to make Jordan Belfort’s bank roll in the Wolf of Wall street look like a 3rd grader’s lunch money.

“ Ok. You caught me. I was smoke smoking a little doobie. Take a hundo and get the Hell out of here”

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