Maryland Needs a Win in Syracuse After Heartbreaking Loss to WVU

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Heading into College Park last Saturday morning around 7:30, I couldn’t wait to crush cocktails and watch the Terps smoke  West Virginia. Me and my Terp crew had nothing but positive feelings about the fact that Maryland was going to win. We held up our end of the bargain on the pregame beers, but Maryland fell short on the Scoreboard.

Down 21-3 in the 2nd quarter thing weren’t looking good for my beloved Terps. They battled back though and made a game of it. If the 4th quarter Maryland came up with a 69 yard punt return for a touchdown tying the game at 37-37. After a few possessions each way, the Terps had WVU pinned on their own five yard line with just over two minutes left to play. At that point , I thought, “There’s no way this game doesn’t go to overtime”. Boy was I wrong. Clint Trickett and the WVU offense walked all the way down to the Maryland 30 yard line and hit the game winning field goal as time expired. Once again, I found myself taking a long and angry drive home from College Park.

Now at 2-1 Maryland heads north to take on Syracuse. The Orange got the better of Maryland last season, winning the game at College Park 20-3. There is simply no room for a result like that again this season. The Terps, who do not play well on the road, need to win what Vegas is considering a basically even  ball game.  Not only is 3-1 compared to 2-2 a lot stronger record, Syracuse is the only ACC team Maryland will face this year. If the Terps wanted to lose to teams like Syracuse, they should have just stayed in the ACC. Maryland needs to blow the doors off of Syracuse as a statement.  They’ve got to say,  “This is how the B1G boys play football.” and put the ACC in the rear view mirror for good.

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