Maryland Must Win at the Big House

Sports and Bets — November 22, 2014 at 2:55 pm by

The Maryland Terrapins hung around for a while last week against Michigan State but at the end of the game it was a lopsided 37-15 loss. This week the Terps go to Ann Arbor, Michigan to take on the Wolverines at the “Big House”. Michigan’s stadium, dubbed the Big House, is the largest stadium in the country, holding 109,901 fans. It would have been a hell of a road trip to drive out to Michigan to watch this game live in a stadium of that capacity. If there is ever a year that Maryland is going to be able to beat the Michigan Wolverines in their Big House, this would be the year.

Michigan is 5-5 on the year and 3-3 in Big Ten play, but they have not really beaten anyone noteworthy. Michigan’s best win is probably Penn State, who the Terps have also beaten. Unlike Maryland’s games against Michigan State, Wisconsin, or Ohio State-where they just frankly didn’t have a chance- today’s game should be a close and competitive game.  It’s also a game Maryland must win in a bad way. 6-4 is a good record for the Terps right now, all things considered, but with only two games left in the season, a win over Michigan does wonders for Maryland’s bowl selection hopes.  We knew the Terps were going to lose to some of the top tiered teams in the Big Ten, but this season Michigan is not on that level. They are beatable, and the Terps need to take care of business on the road today.

One reason I like the Terps chances of getting the W today is that after every loss they have had this season, the Terps  have responded the following game with a win. I don’t like everything Coach Edsall does, but I do think that how a team deals with failure shows you a lot about them and their coach. Every time the Terps have taken a beating this season (and some of them have been bad) Coach Edsall has not allowed his players to lose focus or drive. They have put in the work and the following week they come back out and get the job done. I think that mentality stays true today and the Terps win by playing a fundamentally solid and mistake free football game.

As I said before, this should be a close game, and in close games mistakes are amplified and one turnover can determine the outcome of the game. C.J. Brown and the Terps did an AWFUL job of protecting ball last week. C.J. had 2 interceptions and one was a pick 6. We probably were going to lose that game anyway, but that crap can’t go on today if the Terps are going to win. Maryland needs to run the damn ball and play defense. Keep it simple, stupid, and don’t make mistakes. Doing that will give them a chance at coming home with a 7-4 record. Lets go Terps!

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