Maryland Must Win At Penn State

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There is no way to sugarcoat it, last week in Wisconsin pretty much couldn’t have been any worse for the Terps. 52-7 almost doesn’t do justice to just how bad it actually was. That would have been a phenomenal win for Maryland, but it wasn’t one the Terps were supposed to win. So a loss is a loss, let’s move on.  That brings us to Penn State, and this is the biggest game of the year for Maryland thus far.

The Terps are still 5-3 on the season and if they win some close match-ups down the stretch (like today’s game with Penn State) this could still be a good year for the Terps. But Maryland has to decide who they are, and we’re going to see how that plays out Saturday at Penn State. It’s not about how a team gets knocked down that defines them, it’s how they get up from a bad loss that tells you who they truly are. How will the Terps respond to the brutal beat down they got in Wisconsin? Will they roll over and play dead at Penn State, or will they pick themselves up and fight like hell against the Nittany Lions?

One thing head coach Randy Edsall has done a very nice job of with the Terps this season rebounding out of a loss and getting back on track. The Terps lost a heart breaker to West Virginia and the next game Edsall led the Terps to a good road win in Syracuse. After the Ohio State blunder, Maryland came out in its next appearance and got their second conference win in the homecoming game against Iowa. Every time the Terps have faced a setback this season, Edsall has gotten the boys back on track quickly. In a very pivotal conference road game Edsall knows the significance and is going to have his players focused and ready for Penn State.   In order for Maryland to win this tough road game, C.J. Brown has to be much better than last weeks 13/29 for 129 yards and 1 TD performance. For those of you who saw the game last week, you know Brown just looked awful throughout the contest. He’s a 6th year dual threat senior and he simply needs to perform better. I like C.J. Brown and I want him to succeed. I’d like to see him leave a good legacy at Maryland and finish this year off with a good bowl appearance. In order for that to happen, we need to see the good C.J. in Penn State, not the guy who showed up in Madison. We have seen him play very well, especially when he has a big day on the ground. That’s Brown’s game, and as much as I want to see him sling the ball out to Diggs and Long, he needs to do whatever works best for him. If that means C.J. has to beat the Nittany Lions on the ground then, by all means C.J., bring your running shoes.

The Terps Defense, like C.J., have had their up and down games. Last week they gave up 527 yards, 311 of which were on the ground, and that is not going to fly. We got bullied on the ground by both Ohio State and Wisconsin. These premier Big Ten Teams have large offensive lines and they are going to keep testing the Terps defense on the ground until we prove that we can stop it. So that’s what we’re going to have to do this week.  In big wins against Iowa and Indiana Maryland held the opposition to just over 200 yards on the ground, and they won the game. Penn State is only averaging 82 yards a game on the ground. Shut down the run, force them to throw, and win the game. That’s the recipe for Maryland on defense and that’s going to lead them to a victory in Happy Valley. LETS GO TERPS!!! pics: espn

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