Maryland Misses The NIT To Cap Off An Unacceptable Season

Sports and Bets — March 12, 2018 at 2:50 am by

What a joke. What an absolute fucking joke. And I don’t mean that Maryland didn’t get picked for the NIT, but that they were bad enough to not make it.

You can try to make any excuse you want, but there is zero excuse for this. I don’t care that Justin Jackson was out for the year, I don’t care that this was supposed to be a down year, and I sure as fuck don’t care that Ivan Bender was out for the year. Maryland missing the NCAA tournament is unacceptable, but Maryland missing the NIT is an absolute travesty.

At the end of the day, this team had enough talent to get a tournament bid. Turgeon’s a great recruiter after all. But the bottom line is the team underperforms year after year under his watch, and his time is running up. It has to be.

Every single year, as the season goes on, the Terps get worse, and to me, that’s a sign of poor coaching. I know next year’s recruiting class is a good one, and for that I’m willing to give Turg another year. But if next year’s another bust, and by bust I mean not making the Sweet 16, or at bare minimum not making  it to the round of 32, he’s gotta go, plain and simple.

Maryland should be a top 25 team every single year, and for every year they’re not, it’s a failed season.

Get it together Maryland, you’re better than this.


PS- shout out to all those who said that the Terps would be better without Melo. Worked out for you.


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