Maryland Live Bans Gambling Hero For Counting Cards

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How’s a man supposed to make a living these days? Justin Mills, a $100 a hand blackjack player, was ejected from the casino floor, held, and then banned from Maryland Live Casino for counting cards.   Mills, who was actually down $2,800 at the time of his ejection, does not deny counting the cards.  How the hell the casino can figure out that a guy who is down 2,800 buck-a-roos is counting cards is beyond me, but security done figured his shit out regardless.

Mills, who has footage of the incident, is evidently thinking about suing the casino.  It’s probably an unwinnable fight, and personally I think Mills should just take it on the chin and move on, even though getting banned for counting cards is complete and utter bullshit.

The casino has every advantage.  They sure as shit didn’t build Vegas to lose money, and Maryland casinos are no different.  According to state law, counting cards is legal, but any casino has the right to stop anyone from gambling as they see fit.  In other words, if they think you’re counting cards- they can legally ban your ass from doing so.  Which, again, is utter bullshit.

And you gotta be smart as hell to count cards.  Why do you think in the book “Bringing Down The House“, and in the movie based on the book, “21“, the kids recruited for the card-counting schemes were from M.I.T.?  It ain’t easy, and even the most successful ones get popped.  I just hope Mills has some winnings piled up in a safe place somewhere, because he sure as hell isn’t going to be doing this again any time soon.

All in all it’s just another case of the man beating on somebody trying to get a piece.  Damn. I’m sure glad Alan didn’t get busted….

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