Maryland Delegate Arrested For Shaking Her Exposed Breasts At Ex-Husband

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38-year-old Delegate Ariana B. Kelly (D-Montgomery) was arrested for indecent exposure and trespassing on June 27 after getting into a heated argument with her ex-husband Barak Sanford. Kelly was at Sanford’s house to drop off her children, and she proceeded to go completely bonkers when she saw that Sanford’s fiancee was there. From the Washington Post:

Sanford told police that Kelly started ringing the doorbell and banging on the door and that he asked her to leave. According to the charging document, Sanford played a cellphone video for police that showed Kelly ringing the doorbell “numerous times,” exposing her breasts in the direction of Sanford’s cellphone camera and then “with one breast in each hand [shaking] them up and down.” An officer who responded to the scene told Kelly that she could be arrested for indecent exposure and asked her to leave. According to the document, Kelly said: “Arrest me then,” and she extended her wrists toward the officer. Kelly declined to comment Tuesday. Her attorney, Luiz Simmons, said Kelly would be “aggressively disputing” the charges. The trial is set for Aug. 13.


While it’s safe to say that Kelly’s behavior was highly inappropriate, I can definitely understand her strategy. “Oh yeah, Barak, you think your fiancee is hot shit? Well, get a load of these sweet titties that you’re missing out on!” It’s not hard to see why she’s in office with a savvy move like that. I’m sure this embarrassing ordeal will be a nightmare for her political career, but you better believe she’s got my support. Anyone who’s willing to shake their boobs like a snow globe to make their ex-husband jealous is alright in my book. #KellyFor2016

via Washington Post & BroBible
cover pic: Washington Post

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