Maryland Court Bans Grain Alcohol For Leading To College Rape. Are You Shitting Me?

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The Maryland Court has put a ban on grain alcoholic beverages in Maryland, including the most popular one, Everclear, stating that they contribute to college students being sexually assaulted. Wait, what? I have several problems with this theory, and I’m gonna bitch about it.


First off, I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that grain alcohol is a good thing. Seeing that it is around 190 proof, or 95% alcohol by volume, it can actually be very dangerous in that it can straight up kill you a lot faster than most adult beverages. A tad stronger than your average gin and tonics. However, blaming grain alcohol for sexual assault of college students? Ridiculous. The drinks don’t rape students, people do. In this world of trying to find anyone or anything else to blame for a person’s own actions, here’s one more thing to blame for being a rapist. Sure, alcohol contributes to bad decisions, but I’ve never been in the situation where as soon as I get drunk I suddenly get the urge to rape people.


Another reason that this is a bull shit ban, is that college students don’t need high proof alcohol to get piss ass drunk. They’ll get hammered on anything from natural light to hand sanitizer. Take a double shot of Rumple Minze, and it’s no different than grain alcohol, and those puppies go down a lot smoother than Everclear.


I guess I’m not opposed to the idea of banning grain alcohol, seeing that it can be very dangerous if you’re gonna run around being a dumb ass about it. But to blame the alcohol for the actions of students under the influence? Stupid. Next we’ll ban kindergartens for being a place where child molesters go to find victims. It’s not the child rapists fault, it’s the gathering where he found the little kid’s fault.

via Business Insider

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