Maryland Black Ops Blackout- Time To Get Tough On Michigan State

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People in youth sports are always preaching that it’s not about winning or losing, but about the way you play the game. I never bought into that saying very much. I mean, hell, you play to win the game. But right now that saying perfectly describes Maryland football’s goal for Saturday night’s game against Michigan State. With three games remaining this season, and the Teps’ record at 6-3, Maryland is on the verge of one of their best seasons in recent history. This game for Maryland is not one they are expected to win, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important one for the Terps.

Unlike most sports, the College football standings aren’t just determined by wins and losses. Who you play, and how you play them can tell you a lot about a college football team. And don’t think the Bowl Game  committees aren’t paying attention. Maryland has had a few opportunities this season to make a statement against teams like Ohio State and Wisconsin. The Terps weren’t supposed to win those games, but the way the got crushed really hurt their ranking. It’s okay to lose to a good team, and Michigan State is a good team, but you have to at least play one of them tough at some point in order to get into a more prestigious bowl.  Now would be a good time for that.

While the Terps had a week off to prepare for this game, the Michigan State Spartans lost what was only their second game of the season to Ohio State, 49-37. The Spartans might come out this week either flat and defeated from that loss, or very, very pissed off. Regardless, what’s important is that Maryland, win or lose, gets into a dogfight with this team and plays the hell out of them. The key to doing that for Maryland is to get their running game going early. That means their tailbacks and their running QB, C.J. Brown. Michigan State gave up over 6.5 yards per carry on the ground last week. Other teams like Purdue and Indiana found similar success on the ground against the Spartans. Maryland has to find a way to do the same. On the other side of the football, the Spartans are going to run the ball well against Maryland- and they are going to score points- probably a lot of them. Maryland’s defense has been solid this season, but they have been pushed around in big games. Maryland needs to run the ball to eat clock and shorten the game so they can try to keep MSU’s offense on the sideline as much as possible. Maryland’s offense will also be missing its top WR, Stefon Diggs, who is both suspended for this week and hurt for the remainder of the season. (Lacerated kidney-ouch, babes). There are other guys who can step up and help out at the WR position, like Deon Long and Marcus Leak. But Diggs’ injury is even more of a reason for the Terps to ground and pound the ball.

I think we will see a Terps team who is both well rested and well prepared for Saturday night’s game. The Terps are coming off of a huge road win over Penn State, and the player’s excitement from that victory should carry over into the start of this game. Add in a home crowd, night game, and a blackout atmosphere at Byrd Stadium, and it sounds to me like the MARYLAND TERRAPINS are going to come out fired the hell up and ready to go round for round against the Spartans.

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