Maryland and Delaware Surf Report For Sat/Sun June 29/30

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by Reut Down

Greetings Urban Surfers, Ex-Pros, O’s Fans, and recent Gun Violence Enthusiasts,

Here is your surf report for Saturday and Sunday of June 29/30 for the MD/DE Beaches from Indian River, DE south to Assateague Island, MD:

The weekend is predicted to be hot with air temps in the 80s and water temps around 72 degrees and moderate-strong SSW winds blowing 10-20mph throughout each day.  The good news is that these strong SSW winds will bring local wind swell with surf expected in the 3-5’ range, but choppy conditions are expected at most exposed ESE facing beaches.  Your tides for Saturday will be 7:09am (Low) and 1:18pm (High).  Tides for Sunday will be 8:01am (Low) and 2:18pm (High).  Current Buoy readings (Thursday) are around 3.6’ at 7 seconds with short period wind swell, but will increase on Friday thru Sunday.   Your best board options will probably be your favorite log or shortboard depending on the sand bar, tide, or protected Jetty that one should look for.  Trunks or a wetsuit top should do the trick while in the water.

About our MD/DE Beaches:

·         The bulk of the MD and DE beaches are ESE facing beach breaks with a few jetties producing peeling waves depending on tides, winds, sandbars, and swell direction.  With the ESE facing beaches, a good W or NW wind allows off-shore conditions and a light SW wind is not too shabby either.  In terms of swell size, our sandbars can be fickle, so you may find anything from waist high to OH ridable at any given time.  In terms of tides, a low to mid-incoming tide usually works best with our beaches.  Sandbars are constantly shifting throughout the seasons, so it is wise to check your favorite spots often for shifting sand, dredging, and occasional storms.  Our best surf seasons coincide with the end of summer through winter time and even early Spring.  There are no major secret spots in MD/DE, but some spots (streets/jetties/parks) are certainly better than others at times,  again depending on tides, winds, sandbars, and swell direction, so one may find themselves checking spots from Indian River, DE, to OC, MD, to Assateague Island, MD.  All are within an hour’s drive.

Support your local surf shop while visiting, don’t forget Chauncey’s (30th and 54th Streets), K-Coast (36st Street), Malibu’s (8th and the Boards), and Ocean Atlantic (34th Street).

Don’t be a Kook, give respect and get it in return, and smile often.

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  1. What about the surf report in Rehoboth?

  2. Don’t sipes in your wetsuit.

  3. “Isn’t this great?”

  4. Reut Down,
    How are the local Baltimore breaks??? Sandy Point firing lately??

  5. Ohhhhh gnarly!!

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