Marv From Home Alone Just Responded To Macaulay Culkin’s Latest Video

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Well I’ll be damned, Christmas came early. One half of the elusive, Wet Bandits, just took to Facebook to respond to the latest Macaulay Culkin video. Daniel Stern was born for this role (character in Bushwhacked is a close second), so it’s about time he came to his senses on riding it out til the end. Get your shit together, Macaulay. Let’s make some more magic…

In case you missed Macaulay’s Home Alone bit

Check out Stern’s Facebook, where he is sharing stories from filming

People often ask if all those crazy and PAINFUL things that happened on Home Alone were real. I’d like to start with this one because the unsung heroes of Home Alone were the guys that did our stunts. Yes they were real, but no, most of them didn’t happen to me. My stuntman’s name is Leon Delany and Joe Pesci’s stuntman was Troy Brown. And Troy and Leon are the real heroes in the movie, because everything you see really happened to them… I got a few bumps and bruises, but they took the brunt. The scariest one was in Home Alone 2when Joe’s character falls through the air onto the top of a car and smashes in the roof. They had a crane that night and suspended Troy Brown about 15 feet above the car. On “action” they let Troy go and even though they had scored the roof so it would break away easily, the fall knocked Troy out. It was almost too violent to be funny, although in the editing it’s hysterical. Troy and Leon’s work in the movie is so iconic that when I’m shooting stunts on the shows I work on now the stunt men all refer to particular kinds of falls and stunts as “we need a Home Alone here.”

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