Marshawn Lynch Forces Steven Hauschka To Dance With Him

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Nobody puts Beast Mode in a corner. Sorry Steven, but if Marshawn wants you to dance, all the Skittles in the world can’t save you. Your ass is gonna be dancing, so you’re better off to just go with it. No reason to risk a devastating neck injury like the one Happy Gilmore’s caddie suffered at the 1995 Waterbury Open.


By the way, of all the things that have surprised me in the NFL over the last few years, Steven Hauschka becoming one of the more dependable kickers in the league ranks near the top. That guy used to be such a bag of shit. In 2009, he went 9-13 with the Ravens before being released. He even spent part of the 2010 season with the Las Vegas Locomotives of the UFL. Last season, he was the second most accurate kicker in the league, and he won a Super Bowl. So congrats, Steven, for turning your career around. I’m still fucking pissed about that choke job against the Vikings, though.

via Deadspin
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