Marshawn Lynch Puts Chicken Wings In His Socks Before Enjoying Them Later

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Marshawn Lynch is pretty much the weirdest and coolest guy in the NFL, we all know this. Love the guy. While doing charity work coaching a youth football program in Oakland, Marshawn made an interesting food choice.

From NFL, courtesy of the Seahawks“At one point Lynch is delivered some chicken wings on the field and he stuffs a few extras in his socks. Yes, you read that right, for a few minutes this millionaire, Pro-Bowl running back was coaching football on a warm July afternoon with chicken wings in his socks, which he later removed and ate.”


This is so Marshawn Lynch that it hurts. But in a good way, cause Marshawn Lynch can do anything he wants and it’ll be awesome. Chicken wings out there on the hot gridiron in his socks getting saturated with sweat? Sure, why not. Marshawn will eat em. I won’t touch food that falls on the table, and here’s Marshawn eating wings with foot fungus on them. What a guy.


*You should read the Seahawks article, it’s actually really great what Marshwan does for the youth.

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