Marshawn Lynch Answered Every Postgame Question With ‘Thanks For Asking’

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Here’s the latest in Marshawn Lynch acting like a dickhead to the media. His refusal to answer these postgame questions is baffling to me. Does he not realize that if it wasn’t for the media paying ungodly sums of money to cover the NFL he wouldn’t be a multimillionaire? I’m sure a lot of players don’t like talking to the media after a game, but they suck it up and deal with it because it’s part of the job description of an NFL player. I don’t understand why Lynch can’t study the cliche scene from Bull Durham and just power through these interviews.

It’s also shocking to me that Lynch could pull something like that after such an awesome individual performance and huge team win. It’s one thing to not wanna talk to the media after not playing well and suffering a devastating loss. I can understand that. But not wanting to talk after you just had the best run of the season and your team knocked off a division rival to put yourselves in great position to have the one seed in the playoffs? Gimme a fucking break. I love watching Lynch play, but this bullshit he pulls in interviews irks the hell out of me.

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  1. Just as a general comment, when this thing started, he was in a bad mood and didn’t want to answer questions. They fined him $100,000. Now, he abides by the letter of the law and answers each question. If they hadn’t fined him, who knows if it would have continued not asking or asking in this way.
    While certainly, his fame and fortune is tied up with the media coverage, I get the f— you attitude he has now.

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