Maple Leafs Goalie Jonathan Bernier Has Absolutely No Idea Who Nelson Mandela Is

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Last Friday was the one-year anniversary of the passing of Nelson Mandela. To honor Mandela’s life, the Toronto Raptors had a “The Giant of Africa” event to raise money for charity. It was at this event that Jonathan Bernier demonstrated that he’s a real history buff. Everybody knows about Mandela ending apartheid in South Africa, but only true scholars know about his illustrious hockey career. Giving speeches by day, ripping one timers by night. What an inspiration. I hate to kick Bernier while he’s down, but come on, man  How the fuck do you attend an event in honor of a person and not know a damn thing about them? All you needed was a five minute Wikipedia session beforehand and you would’ve been golden. Christ, even watching Chris Tucker shoot dice could’ve saved your ignorant ass.

via Deadspin

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