Manziel Leads NFL In Jersey Sales: So Once, Did Tim Tebow.

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What the hell is going on in Cleveland?  First Lebron goes home and now everybody’s gobbling up Johnny Football jerseys like Joey Chesnut gobbles up wieners?

Crazy stuff.  Personally, I think being this hyped and this popular without having done jack-shit is a bad sign for Johnny Football.  It’s one thing to scamper around college campuses and throw touchdowns after class, it’s a whole other thing to do the same with T-Sizzle and Elvis Dumervil chasing yo’ ass.  Even the best get got by Sizzle….

Lots of super-star youngsters have been hype-machines and failed.  Remember Tim Tebow? A few years ago, you couldn’t go 6 seconds without hearing the name, or seeing the likeness, of America’s favorite Bible-thumping super-star.  It was like the whole world was drunk and Tebowing.  Tebow led jersey sales in his rookie year as well, even before he ever played a down.

Training camp starts this week.  So we’ll soon be hearing reports of how Johnny’s progress is coming along.  At least this Manziel talk will be about football instead of being about Manziel hanging out with Justin Bieber.  That’s a shame, because Johnny would have been a great asset in Bieber’s egging raids.

I’m predicting that it’ll probably be boom or bust for Johnny Manziel.  In four years he’ll either be a backup dancer on The Biebs’, Douchebag: Cup of Vinegar, tour, or he’ll be the best thing to happen to the Browns since, well since they became the Baltimore Ravens.

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