Manny Pacquiao Comes Out Of Nowhere To Deliver A Hilarious Troll Job Of Mayweather On Twitter

Fights, Sports and Bets — August 26, 2017 at 4:38 pm by


Because Conor McGregor is 100% in Floyd’s head, Mayweather decided to throw this tweet out there.



One of the men responsible for Floyd’s 49-0 record, Manny Pacquiao, responded with a great troll job.


The tweet has since been deleted.


Anyone who denies that McGregor owns a LARGE piece of real estate in Mayweather’s head (perhaps he takes up the portion where most people use It with the ability to read),  is a crazy person. But anyone who thinks that that’s enough to knock Floyd so far off his game that he loses this fight is also a crazy person. You can’t beat him if you can’t hit him.



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