Manny Fan Has Right Sign At The Right Time.

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Nobody was more fired up about Machado’s 12th inning walk-off bomb than this guy.  Consider, if you will, the time and dedication it takes to make and bring a sign to the Park.  This guy’s got himself a quality sign and it has got to be a pain in the ass to lug that thing around all night. I completely respect the hustle. But imagine the joy of having it pay off when the object of your sign-affection wins the game by depositing a breaking ball into the left field cheap seats.  That’s like winning the sign creation lottery.  I hope this old goat gallops to the RoFo to get himself a real lottery ticket as fast as Manny galloped around those bases last night.  This fan is on a roll, he needs to capitalize on this lucky streak.

He might want to consider picking the number 13 as the powerball.  Just sayin’…..

mm sign

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