Maniac Gets A Beatdown For His Case Of Road Rage

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LiveLeakFrom OP: 07/11/2015 Yuma, AZ …..Driver of the car apparently broke his ankle when he went to the ground, which is why I’m told he did not go to jail. He has multiple charges against him including endangerment, threatening, and assault. Myself and the police officers I spoke with clearly believe he was under the influence of something. Court date pending.

I loved the beginning of that fight. “You got a problem?” “Yeah, I got a fucking problem.” *Throws wild punch immediately.* 2 Chainz has a weakness for bad bitches, and that dude is a sucker for road rage. While he clearly has the anger part down, he sure could use some pointers when it comes to combat. The motorcyclist tackled him with ease, then held him on the ground like he was his little brother or something. Just look at this face.


That’s the face of a helpless, furious, heavily intoxicated man with a broken ankle. Maybe leave your flip flops at home the next time you’re looking to get your ass kicked in a busy intersection, ya jabroni.

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