Manager At Target Made A Powerful “300” Style Black Friday Speech. I’m Sold.

Humor — December 4, 2014 at 1:25 pm by

I’m officially contemplating applying to wherever this Target is. This guy’s the type of guy that I would get out of bed in the morning and be excited to get to work for. For at least my first week on the job, until I remembered I’m a cashier at Target, which is when those speeches might wear off a tad.

Update: This happened in a Westminster Target…Target released this statement:

“One of our favorite parts of the holiday is watching our entire Target team bring the season to life in their own way. We want them to have fun, because we know when our team is having fun, so are our guests. Our team member Scot is one of countless team members who help make Target uniquely Target. We have long said that Thanksgiving weekend is to retail what a championship game is to sports. Scott is clearly quite a coach.”

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