Man with 7 cm Penis Is Shelling Out 50k For Second Enlargement Surgery

Humor, News — July 17, 2014 at 2:54 pm by
Some brave soul in Australia has come out micro. That is, he has a “micro-penis.” This poor, poor bastard was cursed with a schlong that barely reaches 7 centimeters, fully erect. Not only is this length not enough to satisfy a woman, it seems like it wouldn’t be enough to take a quality piss. With no reported last name, Mike has announced he’s having surgery to extend and beef up his penis, a surgery that he needs to take out a second mortgage on his house to pay for. This is his second tiny cock enlargement surgery (that’s the official name for it, right?) that he’s going in for.

The first was unsuccessful, and cost him $45,000. The second one is set to cost him around 50k. But can you blame this guy? I’d pay any amount of money to not have a micro-penis. Although with the amount of money he’s forking out, he might be better off just getting a vagina.

via DailyMail

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