Man Who Has Banged Over 700 Cars Discusses First Time With A Volkswagen

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Welp, what do you do when you put up an impressive number like 700? You go on television and gloat about, of course. Edward Smith, went on a morning show to discuss his obsession, and most importantly, his first experience with a seductive Volkwagen Beetle.

Eddie is a mechaphile, and he is sexually attracted to machines. He has had his way with more than cars, his sexcapades include long nights with helicopters as well as planes. You say potato and I say potahto…

If you were curious how to make love to a car, Edward explains

It has to do with the body itself. I’m not really attracted to any sort of, may I say, penetration. It is hugging and holding the shape of the car close to me and actually talking to it a little bit. And then of course, the rest is just physical satisfaction – masturbation is, I guess, the word.

This guy is still the best

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