Man Who Allegedly Flashed Teenage Girl Says His Penis Is Too Small For Such An Act; Court Agrees To Measure

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Herbert O., a 54 year-old alleged flasher in Germany, did the unthinkable for a man. No, I’m not talking about flashing his penis, I’m talking about going on record of saying your penis is too small to be seen.


Herbert, a delivery man, has been accused of approaching a teenage girl’s house, and flashing her his penis through his unzipped pants. However, he has claimed this is impossible, seeing that his shaft is too short to make it out of his pants. Either this guy’s all mushroom head, or he’s a liar. This is a claim that even his wife supported him on, by telling her husband in front of the court “I’m sorry, darling, but your penis is too short to hang out of your trousers.”

Personally I’d rather be known as a big creep flasher than a man with a tiny-ass dick.

But here’s the real kicker. The court, based on his wife’s testimony, and her suggestion that the judge see Herbert’s small dick for himself, has decided to give Herbert an official dick measure. Yes, they are actually going to measure his penis to see if it indeed is too short to pull out of the pants.

What an embarrassing series of events. As if having to sit down to take a piss his whole life wasn’t bad enough.

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