Man Tries To Steal From Street Performer, Gets Punted To The Moon

Fights, Humor — November 2, 2015 at 12:26 pm by

SO THIS HAPPENED OUTSIDE #macdonaldstimessquare #bitchdontstealmymoney #rightintheface #dropkick #timessquare

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That thief may be a huge dirtbag, but you can’t deny that his plan made sense. If you’re going to steal from a street performer, going after the human statue is easily your best bet. If the statue stays in character, you make off with some easy loot. But unfortunately for the crook, this performer was much more committed to his money than to his craft, so he got Sam Koch’d to the moon. That was just flawless technique on that boot to the face. The thief must’ve been instantly concussed with the way he put his hand out asking to get helped up. Talk about wishful thinking. He should consider himself lucky that he didn’t get his Js snatched right off his feet for pulling a stunt like that.

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