Man Trades McDonald’s for Sex

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KoB4This happy meal didn’t end with a treat. A New Mexico man was arrested for allegedly trading a sex with a woman for a meal at McDonalds.Albuquerque police found Donald Jones, 58, at Bullhead Park with a woman he picked up near Central and Virginia.According to the criminal complaint, Jones picked up the woman in an area known for prostitution. Police watched Jones order food at a McDonald’s drive thru window and head to a nearby park. According to the complaint, the woman told police she agreed to have sex with Jones in exchange for the McDonalds.


Two things that we can’t get enough of, fast food and sex. It’s assuring to know that a working girl has adjusted to the economy, and continues to hustle to get by. I am quite intrigued by the  negotiation of this deal, was it a value meal? Or from the dollar menu? Either way this is a great deal,  a mcnugget as currency seems like the perfect dream.

Wait a second,buying food for sex sounds a lot like dating.

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