Man Smears Poop on Wall of Public Safety Office

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Source When it came to making this arrest, troopers only had to smell the writing on the wall.Kenneth James Vanlue, 40, is accused of breaking into the Department of Public Safety Driver License Office in Austin, Texas, and writing on the wall with poop, KXAN reported.DPS troopers say they responded to a burglary report around 7:30 a.m. on April 3, the American Statesman reported. The front door had been smashed, and the word “surcharge” was written in feces on the lobby wall.


Yes, we all have stories of aggravation from our time at the MVA. This dude had enough, so he smeared shit all over the walls. The Public Safety Office will have the last laugh, by leaving it to add to the already “pleasant” atmosphere. This guy willingly accepted guilt like he was proud, even though he shit in his own hands and used them as a paintbrush.

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