Man Shot By Woman Because His Sperm Load Was Too Small For Her Liking

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Now I’m no one to judge a woman for the reason she shoots her lover in the chest, but to me, this bitch was a tad out of line. Sadie Bell, a Michigan woman of 58, recently shot her main squeeze because he shot a small load of cum. Smaller than usual, at least, because she accused him of having an affair, based on the size of his load. She thought that because his cum shot wasn’t up to par with his average load, he must have been sperming inside of someone else.

I wonder if this lady’s ever heard of jacking off. Her lover, Edward, was 60 years old, and odds are he didn’t exactly have the cream of the crop of sexy ladies to select a mistress from, so he was probably just spanking the monkey late the night before.

I certainly hope she at least waited for his refractory period to be over first, cause during our refractory period, us men don’t even want to see a woman, let alone listen to one tell us about our relationship problems. All we want is some sports on the TV and a plate of nachos.

Regardless, Edward spent five weeks in a hospital dealing with all his wounds in his liver, pancreas, colon, and kidney. He did however survive, and my hope for him is that he’s busting a nut all over random women while Sadie watches.

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