Man Robs Store In Parkville, Uses An Uber As Getaway Car

News — October 12, 2015 at 5:28 pm by

balt cops

A 23-year old man in Parkville, Maryland robbed a store at gunpoint. With an idea for the ages, the man called an Uber for his getaway. Yes, he robbed a store, then proceeded to open up his Uber app to flee the scene. 2015 crime at its finest.

The suspect, Dashawn Terrell Cochran, was at a store in Parkville, Maryland, early Wednesday morning when he allegedly took a bottle of Tylenol cold medicine to the register, the Baltimore County Police Department said. Police said he then pointed a gun at an employee and demanded money. Cochran was seen getting into the back of a silver Lexus, and when officers pulled the car over, the driver said he was an Uber driver, police said.

I’ve got some questions. When do you call for the Uber? Is this done before the robbery, or as you’re fleeing? More importantly, what kind of rating does the Uber driver get here? You might have been caught instantly, and all though the driver was oblivious to the crime, they seemed to have showed up in a timely matter. That counts for something, at least 3 stars.

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