Man Picks Fight On Las Vegas Strip & Gets Dropped Not Once, But Twice

Fights, Humor — May 13, 2015 at 2:45 am by

That guy was literally begging to get his ass kicked. I’ve never seen someone so committed to causing themselves bodily harm. He was moving down those steps to get drilled by that first punch like he was in a hurry. It was like he was trying to catch a bus or something. But nope, the only thing he caught was a savage right hand to the face.

After eating a punch like that, you’ve gotta chalk it up as a loss. Don’t be a damn moron and harass the guy with chicken taunts. Go drown your sorrows in titties and booze somewhere, and live to fight another day. There’s some situations where it pays to be relentless, but being overmatched in a street fight is definitely not one of them. Unless of course, you’re trying to catch up on some Z’s. I’ve heard sidewalks are great for your back.

Sweet dreams, you stubborn prick. And congrats to that dude for dropping him twice on just two punches. That’s a batting average that even Jimmy Paredes would be jealous of.

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