Man Kills Wife After Losing Sex Bet On Nintendo Wii

News — July 15, 2013 at 11:16 pm by

Keith Wiens, a retired officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, faces second-degree murder charges in the August 2011 shooting death of his common-law wife, Lynn Kalmring. In court Thursday, Wiens testified that he shot Kalmring in the face in self-defense after a lost bet over a Nintendo Wii game escalated into a violent domestic dispute. According to the Penticton Western News, Wiens told the court that he and Kalmring usually made sexual wagers over video games. On the night of the shooting, Wiens said he lost and came to the bedroom to find sex toys on his pillow. Tired, Wiens brushed the toys aside and went to bed, but Kalmring got upset and accused him of not finding her attractive, he said in court. Wiens claimed Kalmring returned to the room brandishing a knife, so he shot her from less than two feet away, hitting her under the left eye. [HuffingtonPo]


There is clearly more to this story, he assumed he had a lock on the video game. Who knows what the plan was with the sex toys, but a bet is a bet. This is an open and closed case, he has already proven that his word is a sham

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