Man In England Has Had Hiccups For Over A Year

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So this guy in England goes out and gets blasted.  The next morning he wakes up with the hiccups.  That was 14 months ago and the hiccups haven’t stopped.  He hiccups every 10 seconds.  That means he hiccups about 8,640 times a day.  In 14 months he has hiccupped at least 3,689,280 times.  WTF.  In fact the hiccups have become so violent that at times he passes out.  And how the fuck do you sleep?  Gotta be impossible.  Worst part is, they can’t figure out what’s wrong with him.  This is some miserable shit and I’ll bet every asshole in England tries to help him stop everywhere he goes.  Can’t you hear the people trying to help? “Drink some water while hanging upside down.”  “Scare yourself.”  “Hold your breath for 45 seconds.”  “Eat some sugar.”  “Stick your thumb up your ass while holding your nose.”  The stupid advice is probably just as bad as the affliction.  Gotta feel for this poor limey bastard.

At least he’s not on TV for a living….

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