Man Huffs and Huffs and Tries To Run Some Cops Down

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Police in Howard County  have arrested a man who they said led them on a pursuit after he was seen using  an inhalant at a shopping center.  County police said Sean  Brian Witt was blocking a roadway Tuesday morning in the Normandy Shopping  Center in Ellicott City when others saw him sniffing an inhalant, known as  huffing, police said.  Witt, 37, of Ellicott  City, was inhaling from a can and he refused to open his door or move his car,  police said. As officers approached, he sped off, leading officers on a pursuit  that ended on Furrow Avenue. Police said Witt then slammed his car into a patrol  car and drove at officers. An officer fired a gunshot, but it did not strike  Witt. Witt stopped his car and  was arrested. Police said they found illegal drugs in the car. [WBAL]

So this guy says to himself this morning, “I think I’ll sit in my ride and huff some shit.”  Wow, what a way to start the day.  “Fuck coffee, I’ll have a can of Krylon Brushed Metallic.” Ugh, is anything worse than this habit?    I wonder if Mr. Witt was going to work, I guess you gotta really hate your job to go in all huffed up.  Not that it matters now, after trying to run down some cops, Mr.Witt  will probably have plenty of time to figure out a possible career change.

Here are mugshots of some paint huffers.  This looks like an awful time.  None of these people are Mr. Witt.

mugshot 2

The old hippie huffer.

Trailer park huffer.

Trailer park huffer.

The angry hubby huffer.

The angry hubby huffer.






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