Man Gets Tired Of Waiting For His French Fries, So He Gets Them Himself

Humor — April 2, 2015 at 7:34 pm by

We’ve all been there. You’re starving and your food is taking forever. You’d love to go back there, grab your food, and get the hell out of dodge, but you don’t wanna be a prick. So you stand around with your stomach growling and your blood boiling, until your food finally arrives. It can be a very frustrating ordeal, and this guy decided that he’d been waiting long enough. He would’ve been home free if it weren’t for that lady jarring his fries loose like a ball hawking free safety. What a playmaker. He learned the hard way that their are ramifications and repercussions for coming behind that counter. I guess this video proves that unless you wanna get fries knocked in your face and scolded by an extremely fired up heavyset gentleman, you’re better off respecting the fast food boundaries. Patience is a virtue, babes.

via LiveLeak

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