Man Dressed As Hedgehog Threatened To Set Off Bomb At Fox 45 Baltimore

News — April 28, 2016 at 4:21 pm by


Yes, a man in what appears to be hedgehog costume claimed to have a bomb, and threatened to blow up Fox 45 Baltimore. According to reports, the suspect went into the station demanding that they investigate a government conspiracy. If your conspiracy claims have any legs to stand on, you just dropped the ball with the hedgehog get up.

FOX The man broke into the Sinclair-owned Fox affiliate at about 1:20 p.m. demanding the news station cover a story about some sort of government conspiracy. The building was evacuated and security measures taken. Outside, a dark colored sedan was burning from its gas tank. The car belonged to the suspect who is also believed to have started the fire before walking into the lobby.

The suspect refused to remove his hands from his pockets, so a sniper fired a non fatal shot. Baltimore police media director T.J. Smith said a sniper shot the man, who was not killed. Smith said the man, who is conscious, is not complying with police officers’ orders. Two police bomb squad robots are circling the man. It is not clear if the man has an explosive device attached to his person. Police said medics are unable to approach and treat the man until they determine if it is safe. The man’s onesie has been removed. Police said the motive is still unclear, and police have not made entry into building.

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