Man Dies In Prison After Eating Cellmate’s Drug Soaked Underwear

News — September 1, 2014 at 3:28 pm by


55 year-old Michael Jones has been charged with the murder of 33 year-old Corey McQueary, who died in prison after eating Jones’s underwear. His undies were soaked in a liquid form of the drug Methadone, in which McQueary overdosed on. They were soaked so he could sneak the drug in to prison.

What a way to go out. First you have to choke down your friend’s skid marks, then you feel sick and kick the bucket shortly after. Sad story. I’d be pissed if I’m Jones and being charged with murder, though. It’s not like he forced the panties down his throat. If someone is begging me to eat my underwear so bad, and it kills them, then that’s on them. Sorry my tighty whities were to much for you, bro.

Choke these puppies down…


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