Man Charged With Peeping On Boys In The Columbia Mall Bathrooms

News — August 27, 2014 at 4:22 pm by

Risky business will always comeback to bite you in the ass, and this case is no different. Howard County police have charged a man for serial peeping all over the Columbia Mall bathrooms. Men’s bathroom, that is. Marc Scott Johnson just couldn’t get enough of that sweet rush that only an unsuspecting boy could bring, which ultimately led to his demise.



The mall security grew suspicious as Mr. Peepers consistently followed young men into the public restrooms, and went on to contact the police. Once the police set up surveillance, they discovered Marc was indeed putting a lot of time into these efforts. Johnson went into the men’s bathroom 31 times in a two-hour window, presumably to check out some johnson’s.¬†With deeper investigation, it turns out Marc pretty much spends his whole day peeping anywhere from malls to the Home Depot.

via Sun

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