Man Charged and Held For Crime Despite The Fact That He Was Already In Jail When It Happened

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Baltimore Sun–  After a woman picked out a photo of Tyree Threatt and said he was the man who robbed her off Reisterstown Road a month and a half ago, Baltimore detectives quickly got a warrant for his arrest, and they hauled him down to Central Booking over the past weekend, where he was held in lieu of $75,000 bail. There was just one problem: Records show that the 21-year-old Baltimore man was jailed in another case at the time of the robbery.

Damn yo, Tyree can’t win for losing.  Think about it, this may be one of the few times in history when being in jail was a good thing. (One of the other times was being in jail in the porn movie, “The Shaw-Skank Redemption.”)  I mean, it’s the perfect alibi.  The prosecution, who was charging young Tyree Threatt, knew exactly where Threatt was during this robbery. He was under their care at Castle Dracula, or one of the other fine jails in the state. (The story wasn’t specific as to where Threatt was incarcerated.) But even that alibi wasn’t good enough for prosecutors and the judge who oversaw Threatt’s bail hearing.  Even after Threatt’s Public Defender laid out the jail records that proved Tyree’s alibi was legit, the judge refused to release him, though he was kind enough to lower Threatt’s bail. How nice of the kind judge.


Only in Baltimore, babes.

I understand that Threatt is obviously no angel, dude has obviously been to prison and once guys go to jail this young they seem to keep going to jail, but c’mon.  How can keeping him in jail for a crime he obviously didn’t commit even be possible?  Is this America?  What the fuck is going on downtown?  This is some third world, or some communist country shit.  What makes it even worse is that if the Baltimore Sun hadn’t intervened, the taxpayers would be paying for a trail that should have never happened.  This was easy, dude couldn’t have been there to commit the crime, so dude, have a nice day.

It’s beyond comprehension why prosecutors would want to waste everyone’s time and dollars.  Or why they would want to keep an innocent man in jail.

Let’s hope that 5.0 finds out who really did this robbery and let’s hope that the city and state stop throwing taxpayer money into jail cells that are holding citizens for no reason.

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