Man Changes Address, Demo Crew Wrecks Wrong House

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What would you think if your loving neighbor had your house whomped with a wrecking ball? One Michigan man decided to save his own home, to do so, he simply had to misdirect the demolition team. The suspect’s house was scheduled to get demolished, so he simply swapped out the numbers with the house next door…

The neighbor who owned the torn down house was flabbergasted, and claims he was planning on renting the home out by October 1st. He goes on to tell 7 Action News, ” I wonder if the city of Pontiac owes me a new house.” All of this guy’s loyal neighbors are thrilled with the demolition, and claimed only a crackhead would ever rent out his house. One guy even wanted to treat the demo crew to a 12pack of brewski’s for cleaning up the neighborhood. Love thy neighbor, goes right out the window here…


Needless to say, the original house was eventually wrecked as well.

via Gawker

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