Man Attempts Triathlon To Flee Police (Ocean City)

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A man completed a remarkable impromptu ‘triathlon’ in a desperate bid to flee police who pursued him across two states. Brion Adam Kriss attempted to escape officers from three different police forces, including a dog unit and a helicopter, by driving frantically prompting a high-speed police chase, stealing a bike and then swimming across a lake after diving into a bay behind a shopping mall. Kriss allegedly crossed the border into Ocean City, M.D. before losing control of his car, hitting two other vehicles before crashing into a telephone pole and injuring a pedestrian.Police say Kriss jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot before stealing a bicycle and riding to a nearby mall, officers tailing close behind him.Cops called in reinforcements that included a Maryland State Police helicopter and a K-9 unit. Once he got to the mall, officers say, he jumped off the bike and assaulted multiple officers before diving into the nearby bay, according to WBALTV. Officers in pursuit say they had no choice but to use a Taser and rubber bullets.[HuffPo]


Before this guy ended up with rubber bullets and 100,000 volts ¬†up his ass, I’m sure he had a great week…


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