Man Arrested For Stealing $25, Then Won’t Stop Jerking Off While Being Questioned By Police

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This 31-year-old man from the great state of Florida casually showed up at a gas station, and stole 25 dollars straight out of another customer’s hand, then fled the scene. Happens all the time. The next day, he went back to the same gas station, and coincidently, the same customer was back at the same gas station. Sounds crazy, but it happened. The customer called the cops, and they arrested the man, who goes by Johnny Big Sims. Johnny fucking Big Sims? Tell me that’s not his legal name.

Anyway, once they got ol’ Big Sims down to the station and into the interview room, he started masturbating, and refused to stop, despite numerous warnings. In fact, this guy was so intent on jerking off that he had to be restrained and handcuffed before he stopped.

The determination here is what is really admirable. I don’t think I care about anything in this world as much as this guy cares about jerking off. And what’s more, he doesn’t care who’s watching.

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