Man Arrested At Ocean City Restaurant For Choking Waiter When Girlfriend Didn’t Get Her Chicken Tenders

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The Brass Balls Saloon on 12th Street on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland is where this all went down. 22-year-old Carl Ludovic Saint-Juste was said to have complained that his girlfriend never got the chicken tenders that she ordered. While the waiter was talking to another patron about the incident, Saint-Juste snuck up behind him, and started choking him out. He was arrested after police tracked him down to his hotel, and now faces first and second-degree assault charges.

Now this is a true man’s type of reaction to a tough situation. You’re trying to score some grade-A snatch after you take your girlfriend out to the kind of dinner that’s worthy of that type of thing, and there’s some douche bag waiter trying to fuck up your game. If I’m him, I’m not just taking any 6 or 7 out on a chicken tender date, I’m only taking a straight dime. And if the waiter forgets her tenders, I’m gonna pull a sneak attack from the rear and cut off his airways.

When asked about the situation, Saint-Juste busted out this little gem of a quote: “if there was a fight, somebody would have been leaking and bruised.” Heed his warning, OCPD, and stay away from this hard ass.

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