Man Allegedly Robs Family With Knife; Offers To Mow Their Lawn If They Don’t Press Charges

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Brian Remley, of St. Petersburg, Florida allegedly broke into a couple’s home with a knife, and the intention to rob them, at around 4:30 in the morning on August, 28. The man of the house, Joseph Cihak, got out of bed to relieve himself, only to find 25-year-old Remley rummaging through his living room like a big creep.

Cihak, was apparently walking around the house packing heat, and told police that he always carries a gun whenever he gets up in the middle of the night. So if he has to drop a deuce at the wee hours of the night he can’t leave his firearm behind?

He then admitted to shooting two bullets at the suspect. When his first gun jammed, he then said he pulled out a second one, and held up Remley until police arrived. Where the hell are you getting all these guns boss?

But here’s the game-changer. Amidst being held at gun point, Remley reportedly made an offer that if Cihak let him go without pressing charges, that he would mow his lawn, free of charge. My first thought was this had to be code for like ‘sex with his wife,’ or a pube-trim, or┬ásomething nice like that, but sure enough, this hard-working son-of-a-gun was actually offering to cut the grass.

Compelling offer. It would definitely give me something to think about. No doubt I respect his work ethic. But the couple decide not to bite on what must have been the toughest decision of their lives. One free grass cutting? You can’t put a face value on that. I definitely would have taken him up on his offer, but only after trying to haggle with him. One cut lawn and de-leaf the gutters.

via Huffington Post

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