Machado’s Suspension: What’s Bullshit About It and Why The A’s Are Hypocrites.

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Orioles third baseman Manny Machado was suspended for five games as a result of this bat throwing incident in Sunday’s 11-1 loss against the Oakland A’s.

The suspension itself seems pretty fair, five games may be at lot considering nobody got hit by the bat or assaulted in any other way by Manny, but I understand that Major League Baseball doesn’t want dudes chucking their bats all over the place.  But the backlash that has come upon Manny Machado and the hypocritical nature of the “baseball speak” that has spewed out of  Oakland is ridiculous.

First the hometown and national backlash.  On the internet and on television various writers and such have called Machado various sorts of names.  “Punk”, “childish”, and “classless” are a few that I’ve heard and read.  But let’s put this incident into perspective.  Manny is coming off of a gruesome knee injury which he suffered while running to first base last fall.  Remember that Bird’s fans?  It was the kind of replay that you don’t want to watch but you watch anyway.  His knee looked like it had exploded sideways.  Machado spent all off-season rehabbing his jello-joint to get back in time for spring baseball.

Fast forward to Sunday.  Machado had apparently not apologized for hitting A’s catcher Derek Norris in the head twice on his backswing in two separate at bats.  (Boo-hoo Derek.)  He also had taken unkindly to a jab tag from third baseman Josh Donaldson earlier in the series. Okay the tag thing was maybe a bit silly, but it seems like Manny Machado doesn’t like these dudes from Oakland.  It’s also safe to say that the A’s weren’t really getting along with Manny all weekend.

But how do the A’s deal with this Machado frustration?  Does Josh Donaldson confront Manny during batting practice?  Does Derek Norris confront Machado during one of his at bats?  Nope.  They have a pitcher, who won’t ever have to take an at bat against the Orioles, throw at Manny.  They weren’t busting him inside to get him off the plate.  They weren’t giving him chin music to be competitive.  They were punking the fuck out and throwing fastballs at his left knee.  The same left knee he spent months rehabbing.  This is what the “integrity of baseball”  is and its complete horseshit.  Why is it okay for pitchers to throw at hitters?  “The bat might hurt somebody!”, all of Manny’s critics have screamed, but how the hell do you think a 90-plus MPH fastball feels?

  Norris was hurt by Manny not apologizing.

This “throwing at hitters”, is the great hypocrisy of baseball, it’s a code that calls for a pitcher to throw at a batter that other players have a problem with, instead of those players taking care of their own business.

The A’s called Manny Machado a “disgrace to baseball.”.  Is throwing at someone’s recently surgically repaired knee not disgraceful?

Besides, was anybody hurt by the infamous “flying bat”?  Manny more threw it into nowhere land out of frustration instead of directly at the pitcher in anger.  If Machado had wanted to hit the pitcher, don’t you think he could have?

The other thing that bothers me about all this is the Oriole clubhouse reaction.  Manny apologized and meetings were called, but the Birds should have had his back more in the media after the incident.  I would have liked to hear Buck say this, “Yeah, Manny probably shouldn’t have thrown the bat, but the A’s shouldn’t be throwing at his knee.  If there’s no obvious inside pitch intended to harm, then there’s no bat throw. The A’s suck donkey dong”

Then I would have liked to have heard Chris Davis say, “Weird game, but they shouldn’t come in here throwing at our guys.  I got Manny’s back and I will beat the snot out of all of them if they screw with Manny again.”

Great teams always stick together no matter what.  Manny Ramirez is a jerk and a weirdo, but the Sox had his back by saying, “that’s Manny being Manny.”  They never apologized for him.

The Pistons of the late 80’s and early 90’s had Dennis Rodman and Bill Laimbeer on the roster.  If somebody else didn’t like what Dennis or Bill did they didn’t give a shit.  They got his back on and off the court no matter what, even if that involved fights and mayhem.

The O’s had Manny’s back on the field that day, but not off of it.

The Birds should have publicly told the A’s to fuck off and then told Manny privately how he could have acted differently.

Besides, isn’t it better when teams hate each other?  Of course it is.

So Manny, serve your suspension and come back angry.  Maybe a little anger and aggression will help the O’s become better than the .500 team they are now.

I got your back, Manny.

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  5. I like how this article conveniently ignores that Chen threw at Donaldson’s head TWICE on Friday for applying a tag normally to a base runner

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