Machado Got Caught In A Rundown Going Home; Here’s A Breakdown Of Why He Was The Only One To Do The Right Thing

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Okay, so here’s the situation we have here. There’s a man on first, Jonathon Schoop, and a man on third, Machado. Adam Jones is up to bat with no outs in the inning. Jones hit a groundball to short, which if Manny stays put at third, Angels SS  Andrelton Simmons can easily turn a double play, making the situation two outs, with a runner on third. Not ideal. But if Manny runs home,he could be thrown out easily, but it forces Simmons to decide whether he’d rather throw home and get Manny out, leaving two runners still on base, or turn the double play and kill the momentum, but allow the tying run to score. The choice was easy for Simmons, who threw home to try to gun down Machado.

Manny showed by running, that he knew that he’d either score the tying run, or Simmons would throw home, preventing the double play, and leaving two men on base with only one out. When Simmons decided to throw home, Manny decided to get caught in a run down. The reason he was so upset with Schoop after the play, is that since Manny was caught in a rundown, Schoop should have kept running, which would have allowed Jones to keep running. Manny was able to buy enough time in the run down, that Schoop should have gotten to third base, and Jones should have been at second.

So Manny was trying to turn Jones’ unproductive ground ball into a productive out. Either he scored, or he got caught in a run down, making the situation runners on second and third with only one out, which would set the O’s up to keep the rally going with two in scoring position.

This guy’s baseball instincts are unreal. Most players probably would have either stuck at third base, or simply got gunned down trying to take home. But Manny knew the best situation was to get caught in a run down, which should have set up the O’s with two in scoring position, had Schoop known what he should have been doing.

The average fan would sit there and criticize Manny for taking a runner off of third base. But what Manny did was brilliant, and if Schoop could have kept up, there would have not only been a runner on third, but a runner on second as well. So for this reason, Manny sacrificed himself on the base paths. What instincts this guy has.


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