Ludacris Gets In Nightclub Fight- Then Posts It On YouTube

Entertainment, Featured — June 16, 2013 at 2:59 pm by

Ludacris’ night out turned into a night of destruction after he allegedly got attacked at a bar in Atlanta on June 14.  Footage has surfaced of the rapper getting pummeled at the nightclub Privé after an unidentified assailant reportedly threw a bottle at him. According to Complex, a dozen or so bar-goers took part in the action as security tried to get everything under control. Once the situation was straightened out and the battle winded down, Luda emerged relatively unscathed. [Huff Post]

Yo, yo, yo!  Throw them ‘bows Luda! Fucking Lame.  I thought all rappers could fight?  I guess this is what happens when you start cranking out weak rhymes and appearing in lily-white romantic comedies like No Strings Attached and New Years Eve.  Yep, the real ghetto bruhs start throwing bottles at you.  It’s embarrassing, and to make it worse, Luda puts it on the net.  Why can’t folks just shut their mouths and handle their biz anymore?  Oh well, at least these lunatics didn’t hurt Luda or anybody else.  Especially Ludacris, we need him for Fast and The Furious 7  (or are they up to 8?) next year.

He's Fast, Furious, and unable to protect himself in nightclubs.

He’s Fast, Furious, and unable to protect himself in nightclubs.

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